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New Planning Scheme Provisions & what it means for you – by Ken Ryan & Associates

New Planning Scheme Provisions & what it means for you – by Ken Ryan & Associates

The Draft Brisbane Planning Scheme (New City Plan) completes the formal public consutlation period at midnight on 30 July 2013.  The document has very much been ‘work in progress’ in preparation for this stage.

The new provisions propose a number of changes to the existing planning requirements, including minimum allotment sizes, level of assessment and building envelope provisions.  A number of Neighbourhood Plan provisions have also been adopted more generally across the city. The plan, once adopted, will guide all development in Brisbane for the next 10-15 years.

Key Changes: 

• Queensland Planning Provisions – The State Government’s Queensland Planning Provisions standardises the layout for new planning schemes. The provisions have resulted in a number of changes to definitions and terms, inclusion of Overlays and changes to the levels of assessment (type of application required).

• Level of Assessment – The new planning scheme has seen a change in the levels of assessment for development. Terms such as Notifiable Code, Generally Appropriate and Generally Inappropriate no longer exist,  with development now falling into the categories of Exempt, Self Assessable, Code, Impact and Prohibited development.

• Overlays – You may already be familiar with a number of existing Overlays includng Demolition Control Precinct and Natural Assets Local Law Overlays. The new scheme introduces a total of 27 Overlays which, take precedence in determining the level of assessment.

• Building Heights and Minimum Lot Sizes – Potentially the most contentious change to come out of the Draft City Plan debate is the new maximum 9.5 metre height for houses and the reduction in minimum lot sizes in selected areas. If the site is within 200 metres of a Centre Zone, allotments are able to be subdivided into 300 square metres allotments with a width of 7.5 metres. In the Low-medium Density land zonings, the lots sizes may be able to be reduced further, subject to the proposed new building meeting certain development criteria.  Achieving these smaller lot sizes has effectively replaced the current Single Unit Dwelling provisions for freehold lots.


What does it all mean for you?

As a Home Owner:

– Changes to zoning/classification of the land. Some land has changed classification and this may impact the ability for you to add value, or develop in the future.

– New Overlays, such as the pre-1911 Building Overlay may reduce the ability for future development.

As a Developer:
– The new provisions for Multi-unit Dwellings allow some circumstances to be Code Assessable, reducing the risk and delays involved in public advertising.
– No more Gross Floor Area provisions, with developments assessed on building envelopes (ie. setbacks and site coverage).
– Potenial opportunities for smaller freehold subdivision developments, where not currently possible.

As a Potential Purchaser/Investor:
– Prior to purchasing a property you should ensure you understand the potential impacts the New City Plan will have on the future develoment of that site.

What should you do?
To ensure you are aware of any potential impact to your property, you are able to check any property on Council’s interactive mapping system, to review the new provisions of the Draft City Plan and implications.
Ken Ryan and Associates have been busy doing site appraisals, looking at the implications of these draft provisions.  If you need to confirm the repercussions for a particular site, please contact us and one of our staff will be happy to assist.

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